[Automation] Basic Exception Handling in Power Automate Cloud Flows

Level of Difficulty: Beginner – Senior. Power Automate is a powerful tool that works well for integration and even automating workflows. Citizen developers have started adopting Power Automate to automate some of their day-to-day activities. One of the most important parts of a traditional solution development strategy is error and exception handling. Automation would typicallyContinue reading “[Automation] Basic Exception Handling in Power Automate Cloud Flows”

[UiPath] Task Capture Good Practices

Level of Difficulty: Junior – Senior. UiPath Task Capture is a tool that exists within the UiPath product offering. It has been tagged as a “Prepare Automation” type tool which assists in mapping out a process in terms of process steps, screenshots, actions and descriptions. The UiPath Task Capture Document can be exported as aContinue reading “[UiPath] Task Capture Good Practices”

[RPA] Publishing Test Cases From UiPath Studio to UiPath Test Manager

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate – Senior. This post assumes that the background information and pre-work has already been done. The pre-work mainly refers to the understanding of the business problem, the identification of test cases and unit tests as well as the development of the test cases and unit tests. A two-part series was releasedContinue reading “[RPA] Publishing Test Cases From UiPath Studio to UiPath Test Manager”

[RPA] Using The Python Activity in UiPath

Level of Difficulty: Beginner. This post will assist in using the Python Activity in UiPath which allows Python scripts to be invoked and executed from UiPath. Not only can you execute Python scripts, but you can also pass parameters through to the Python method and assign the result to a UiPath variable which can beContinue reading “[RPA] Using The Python Activity in UiPath”