[Automation] Getting Data from the ‘New’ GitHub Projects

Level of Difficulty: Beginner – Senior. GitHub Projects is nothing new – it has been around for a while now with a really cool API that allows you to pull data from it. For those who have made use of that functionality, it has been a breeze trying to automate and integrate different tasks acrossContinue reading “[Automation] Getting Data from the ‘New’ GitHub Projects”

[Automation] GitHub (and Enterprise) API Versus Azure DevOps API

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate – Senior. There are so many really good and useful resources made available on how to use the GitHub API. A lot of work has gone into integrating Azure DevOps and GitHub into automation projects and this is done through their APIs. I have found certain Azure DevOps functions to beContinue reading “[Automation] GitHub (and Enterprise) API Versus Azure DevOps API”