[Automation] Using Power Automate with SQL Server (Primary keys that aren’t int)

Level of Difficulty: Beginner – Senior. Are you in a situation where you’re using a SQL database and you’ve already designed, created and gone through all 700 iterations of the review? Primary keys already created of type uniqueidentifier with default value of NEWID(). Then Fred comes with his clever idea of adding some sort ofContinue reading “[Automation] Using Power Automate with SQL Server (Primary keys that aren’t int)”

[Et al.] Look After The BAs!

As a Developer in an Agile environment, I want to appreciate the Business Analysts (BA) so that we can continue working in a respectful and collaborative manner. Sounds like a user story right? Well maybe it should be so that we can persistently practise this principle. Often we are faced with feuds between colleagues inContinue reading “[Et al.] Look After The BAs!”

Who is The JPanda

“This is fine.” – Wise People Across The World How Did The JPanda Come About? While working at CSIR, Jacqui was exposed to using the Pandas Python library extensively. Through this, her love for Pandas and Python alike, grew – thus earning her the nickname The Panda. This nickname followed her into Britehouse where herContinue reading “Who is The JPanda”