[Automation] YouTube Playlist Monitoring Using Python

Level of Difficulty: Beginner – Senior. There are many different workflow and automation suites/platforms available out there (some of which include IFTTT, Power Automate and Tonkean) that allow users to interact with their YouTube connector. Most of these workflows classify the functions within the connectors as either a Trigger or an Action. A trigger wouldContinue reading “[Automation] YouTube Playlist Monitoring Using Python”

[Automation] Monitoring Gmail Inbox Using Python

Level of Difficulty: Beginner – Senior. Many automation solutions make use of the functionality provided by mail services as it serves as an important element that allows for communication between humans and the automation process. There are many benefits provided by using Google Mail (Gmail), one of which is cost – for that reason, thisContinue reading “[Automation] Monitoring Gmail Inbox Using Python”

[Python] Using Python for SQL Schema and Table Validation and Logging Progress to Microsoft Teams

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate to Senior. So you’ve reached created a database, you’ve created schemas and tables. You’ve managed to create an automation Python script that communicates with the database, however, you’ve reached a crossroad where you need to validate your SQL tables. Some of the validation might include ensuring that the tables exist andContinue reading “[Python] Using Python for SQL Schema and Table Validation and Logging Progress to Microsoft Teams”

[Python] Auto-Format Code According to PEP 8

Level of Difficulty: Beginner to Senior. So you’ve written a Python Script, Kevin has just told your team that all code needs to be reviewed and part of the team’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be PEP 8 compliance. Now there’s a slight sense of chaos and stress because “What is PEP 8?! Can oneContinue reading “[Python] Auto-Format Code According to PEP 8”

[Python] Setting up alerts on SQL Server Job Agent failures

Level of Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate. So you’ve found yourself in a semi-ops situation where you need to do daily checks on SQL Server Agent Jobs because the client, Steve, has concerns that his data is not updating. Now you have to go through the manual process of opening SQL Server Management Studio then loggingContinue reading “[Python] Setting up alerts on SQL Server Job Agent failures”

[Python] Using Python Through Command Line

Level of Difficulty: Beginner. Sandra has asked you if you can give her a crash course on how to use Python through the command line. So you decide to show her how to run a few Python commands and maybe install a library. Here’s what you can do. What are the steps? The steps thatContinue reading “[Python] Using Python Through Command Line”

[Python] DIY Usage Monitoring with Python

Level of Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate. This blog post is aimed at providing basic (automated) server (or computer) monitoring by using a Python script that can write to a SQL Server database or to a CSV. It is important to note that there are various platforms that allow for advanced server monitoring along with aContinue reading “[Python] DIY Usage Monitoring with Python”

[Python] Finding the Python Interpreter Path

Level of Difficulty: Beginner. Are you having issues pip installing libraries to the right place? Could it be because you have more than one interpreter installed? Well… How many Python interpreters do you have installed? The standard IDLE interpreter – the one that comes with the Python installation? The one that was installed when youContinue reading “[Python] Finding the Python Interpreter Path”