[Automation] Download Files from Google Drive in C#

Level of Difficulty: Beginner. There are multiple ways to download files from Google Drive, some of which require authenticaton and others that require lots of code. Here’s the simplest way to download the files, provided you’ve got the right file url. The above approach also works when writing to memory stream, instead of copying toContinue reading “[Automation] Download Files from Google Drive in C#”

[RPA] Publishing Test Cases From UiPath Studio to UiPath Test Manager

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate – Senior. This post assumes that the background information and pre-work has already been done. The pre-work mainly refers to the understanding of the business problem, the identification of test cases and unit tests as well as the development of the test cases and unit tests. A two-part series was releasedContinue reading “[RPA] Publishing Test Cases From UiPath Studio to UiPath Test Manager”

[RPA] Conditional Assigns in UiPath – Using The Shorthand IF Statement

Level of Difficulty: Beginner. Have you ever wanted to assign a variable based on the value of another variable but… Without the use of an IF statement block? Here’s how to achieve that. Let’s take an example… We have a boolean variable, named UnicornsExist which can be set by the user through an input dialog.Continue reading “[RPA] Conditional Assigns in UiPath – Using The Shorthand IF Statement”

[RPA] The Use of Design Patterns in UiPath Processes

Level of Difficulty: Senior. This post will assist in understanding the practical use of design patterns and how they can be applied to the development of processes within UiPath. What’re Design Patterns? In a nutshell, a design pattern can be described as a template (or format) that is used to structure code in order toContinue reading “[RPA] The Use of Design Patterns in UiPath Processes”

[Et al.] Intelligent Development – Developing Intelligently

Along with the emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) we are seeing an increased usage of rebranded terms, that now contain the word “Intelligent”. We find ourselves surrounded by concepts like Intelligent Automation, Intelligent Digital Workplaces, Intelligent Customer Experience, Intelligent Infrastructure and many more. How much longer until we are faced with the newContinue reading “[Et al.] Intelligent Development – Developing Intelligently”