[UiPath] Uploading Files to UiPath Storage Buckets

Level of Difficulty: Junior – Senior. I recently started playing with integrating UiPath Apps, UiPath Data Services and UiPath Storage Buckets into my automations. It has been a tremendous amount of fun to see it all come together and how it all gels together. One of my biggest frustrations, however, was getting my file uploadsContinue reading “[UiPath] Uploading Files to UiPath Storage Buckets”

[RPA] Publishing Test Cases From UiPath Studio to UiPath Test Manager

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate – Senior. This post assumes that the background information and pre-work has already been done. The pre-work mainly refers to the understanding of the business problem, the identification of test cases and unit tests as well as the development of the test cases and unit tests. A two-part series was releasedContinue reading “[RPA] Publishing Test Cases From UiPath Studio to UiPath Test Manager”