[Automation] GitHub (and Enterprise) API Versus Azure DevOps API

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate – Senior.

There are so many really good and useful resources made available on how to use the GitHub API. A lot of work has gone into integrating Azure DevOps and GitHub into automation projects and this is done through their APIs. I have found certain Azure DevOps functions to be slightly behind the level of GitHub documentation on certain API calls, especially pertaining to pull requests.

GitHub Versus Azure DevOps – Structure

The way that projects and repositories are structured between the technologies is also vastly different. DevOps uses a top down approach where you need to start on an organisational level before creating a project and once you’re on a project level, you can create repositories, boards, etc.

GitHub, on the other hand, does not depict a starting point. You could create a project first and then a repository or you could do it the other way around. The GitHub way of doing things allows a lot more flexibility, which is great, but if you want to include it in an automation environment, there needs to be some form of standard operating model around exactly how GitHub ought to be used so that it does not break the process flow – which is the very essence of a successful automation.

GitHub Versus Azure DevOps – Cost

There are many different cost models available which may very well be subject to change in the future. GitHub allows developers to use their platform without cost with very few limits while larger organisations are offered an Enterprise version of the platform with more features catering for large-scale needs.

The Azure DevOps model looks slightly more different with less “free” and “limitless” access but with good reason. The Azure DevOps offering has a lot of functionality built into it which also motivates the different licensing models available for it. It does however, not do much to encourage developers to use the service extensively in a personal capacity, not when there are more freely available platforms available. Azure DevOps is quite well suited for larger organisations.

GitHub Versus Azure DevOps – The APIs

There are multiple libraries available for implementing and integrating Azure DevOps into UiPath and other automation projects. One of mine is available here. There are currently no libraries that explore the deep capabilities of the GitHub API, in library format, available within UiPath. I therefore, decided to create my own Postman collection which I hope to turn into more useful UiPath implementations.

Published by Jacqui Muller

I am an application architect and part time lecturer by current professions who enjoys dabbling in software development, RPA, IOT, advanced analytics, data engineering and business intelligence. I am aspiring to complete a PhD degree in Computer Science within the next three years. My competencies include a high level of computer literacy as well as programming in various languages. I am passionate about my field of study and occupation as I believe it has the ability and potential to impact lives - both drastically and positively. I come packaged with an ambition to succeed and make the world a better place.

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